Pipeline Plugs

Savatech plugs are manufactured of natural and synthetic rubber compounds under constant quality surveillance by Savatech ISO approved Laboratory.

Savatech single and multisize plugs can be used in all types of pipelines and provide good non-skid, compression abilities and have excellent stretching and sealing characteristics.

All products are tested within our quality assurance department under strict testing method


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  • Large & Multisize Plugs

    Multisize & High Performance Plugs

    Savatech multi-size and elliptical plugs for all pipe diameters 40mm – 2400mm with superior plug surface pattern, Rayon - Kevlar reinforcement, suitable lengths & weights with excellent sealing abilities. Anti-corrosive components guarantee safe and easy usage. All plugs are equipped with quick action couplings for inflation


  • Small & Single Size Plugs

    Small & Single Size Plugs

    Savatech plugs of smaller diameters can be used in all types of pipelines. Since these plugs are not reinforced with cord, they exhibit excellent stretching and sealing characteristics. With or without bypass, for pipe diameters 20 mm up to 305 mm. Longer plugs also available.


  • Small Size Plugs

    High Pressure Plugs 6 - 30 Bar

    Savatech multi-size high-pressure plugs with special reinforcements on the top and bottom along with a double layer of cord fabric to assure maximum safety at higher pressures. All plugs are equipped with eyelet bolts as well as quick action couplings for inflation and deflation.


  • Plugs for Gully (manholes)

    Large By-pass Plugs VP

    Savatech multi-size plugs with larger bypass cover range from 100 mm - 1800 mm. The replaceable rubber sleeve is reinforced with Kevlar cord to assure safe and simple handling. The by-pass is made of PHP hose and equipped with a threaded aluminium flange on the front side, which is easily replaceable to adjust the flow to actual requirements.


  • Cone shaped plugs

    Pillow Type & Manhole Plugs

    Savatech multi-size pillow-type plugs unique construction reflects in light weight and high flexibility during usage and storage. The plugs of this type are used for blocking water flow in pipelines with tight access. Sava offers a special plug for testing tightness of manholes common size of 610 mm. Simple handling, the plug is short and light & equipped with three eyelet bolts for vertical positioning.


  • Cone shaped plugs

    Cone plugs

    Sava Cone plugs are available in dimensions from 400 mm - 2400 mm. Sava Cone plugs are produced from special CR rubber and reinforced with Aramid cord. Sava Cone plugs are oil resistant. Additional sealing foam assures best sealing in all conditions. Plugs are equipped with carrying handles and eyelets for easier manipulation. They are very light and suitable for sealing pipes of various shapes (cone, oval, etc..).